The issues most important to the lower Hudson Valley have gone neglected for too long. Living here is becoming prohibitively expensive, our safety is no longer the federal priority it should be, and those in power have only been making things worse while shielding themselves from accountability. With Jimmy as your Congressman, the representative for the 18th District of New York will once again be part of the solution.


New York has the highest taxes in the nation, the worst business climate, and the most people leaving our state. We deserve better.

In Congress, Jimmy will fight to cut taxes, streamline regulations, and support trade deals that are both free and fair. We need to make it easier for all New Yorkers to start and own a business, buy a home and afford to raise their families. From family farms, to manufacturing Everyone deserves the opportunity to succeed.

Jimmy believes that we must ensure that every child has access to a quality, affordable education and that starts by ensuring New York gets its fair share of school aid and that we fight to make college and technical schools more affordable for our young adults. Additionally, we must invest in job training programs, to help those who are underemployed or unemployed.

Jimmy believes that we have an obligation to take care of our seniors by protecting Social Security and Medicare and working to make it easier for seniors to retire and remain in the Hudson Valley.

Lastly, Jimmy will fight to invest in our crumbling transportation and energy infrastructure and make sure that New York receives its fair share of federal dollars to improve our mass transit system, Airport, and increase the capacity of our pipelines and transmission lines to reduce the cost of energy, thereby improving our quality of life and helping grow our economy in the Hudson Valley.


As a retired Lt. Colonel with the New York State Police and the former Chief of the MTA Police, Jimmy knows first hand how important it is to protect our communities and stand up for our families.

In Congress, Jimmy will fight to ensure that New York continues to remain vigilant in the fight against terrorism, and that we receive our fair share of federal aid to keep our communities safe.

Jimmy will fix our broken immigration system, by securing our borders and enforcing the law. We must create a legal immigration system that honors the fact that we are a nation of immigrants and welcomes those who want to come here legally, but respects the fact that we are a nation of laws and cannot protect those who commit crimes.

Jimmy will always stand up for our veterans, active-duty military and their families by ensuring we reform the Department of Veterans Affairs to provide all of the benefits and care that our veterans deserve. West Point remains at the heart of our district, and Jimmy will ensure our active-duty military and their families are fully represented and have a voice in Congress.

Jimmy will combat the heroin and opioid crisis that is a scourge on our community, by investing in education, prevention and treatment programs, and ensuring law enforcement has the resources they need.

Lastly, Jimmy will protect our children, by ensuring our schools have the resources they need, including new technology and additional school resource officers to protect against active shooters.


Finally, in Congress, Jimmy will fight for term limits and strengthen laws to go after, corrupt politicians in both parties, who have been stealing and wasting our money, driving up costs and hurting our community.

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  • Gabrielle Roberts
    commented 2018-10-31 16:47:00 -0400
    How Wil you fight for seniors and veterans. Why do we have to pay school taxes for illegal children attending taxpayer funded schools and allowing illegal who have children born in America automatic citizenship
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