Lawsuit filed: Maloney in violation of election law for simultaneously seeking two offices

Goshen, NY (July 27) – A coalition of voters in the 18th Congressional District have filed a lawsuit against Sean Maloney for being in violation of the state’s election law by running for both the offices of New York State Attorney General and Congress at the same time.

This lawsuit follows formal objections of the dual petitions filed with the State Board of Elections, and sites precedent of a similar case in 1999 where a judge ruled against a woman running for Suffolk County committee and judge at the same time.

The O’Donnell for Congress campaign called out Maloney for treating the residents of the 18th Congressional District as a consolation prize, saying he owed it to voters to select one office to run for, not attempt to keep a congressional run as his backup plan in case he didn’t win the Attorney General primary.

“Sean Maloney is busy doing Attorney General commercials and debates while the residents of the 18th congressional district are stuck in limbo,” said career law enforcement official and congressional candidate Jimmy O’Donnell. “It’s not just illegal, it’s unethical and insulting; the residents of this district shouldn’t be anyone’s consolation prize. That he would even attempt this shows just how little respect he has for the people of the Hudson Valley.”

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  • Ray Ketcham
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    Go get him Jim
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