Maloney abandons Clintons

Goshen, NY (October 22nd) -- He was with her before he was against her.

It was only a few weeks ago that Sean Maloney was so emphatic about his association with the Clintons that he had “Clinton Democrat for Congress” printed on his lawn signs, but now he is abandoning ties and literally cutting them out.

Eagle-eyed voters across NY-18 have noticed that Maloney cut the Clinton name from his lawn signs to just read “Democrat for Congress.”

“While Hillary continued her blame tour that is once again exposing her blatant hypocrisy on standing up for women, Maloney realized it was in his best interest to bury his longstanding ties to the Clintons,” said Jessica Proud, spokeswoman for Congressional candidate Jimmy O'Donnell (R,C,Ref). “This is sadly just another example in a long line of his naked political opportunism. How can voters trust someone who has no core and is constantly sticking his finger in the wind?”


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  • Joan Cerone
    commented 2018-10-23 05:57:36 -0400
    I guess he’s getting concerned that he has a real challenge from Jimmy O’Donnell. Let’s put Jimmy in that seat in Congress, a well-deserved spot for a highly respected public servant.
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