Maloney flailing in the wind after failing to secure backroom deal to be appointed Attorney General

Monday, May 14, 2018 (Goshen, NY) – Today James D. O'Donnell, the Republican, Conservative and Reform party candidate for Congress, released the following statement in response to reports Sean Maloney won't seek to be appointed Attorney General, but may still seek the Democratic party nomination for Attorney General:

"After failing to cut a backroom deal to be appointed Attorney General, Sean Maloney is flailing in the wind," said O'Donnell. "Sean was unable to garner support for his candidacy, in large part because he's unqualified for the post. As a retired Lt. Colonel with the New York State Police and former Chief of the MTA Police, I know firsthand we need an Attorney General with integrity, independence and a commitment to the job."

Maloney removed his name from consideration to be appointed Attorney General for the remainder of the year after failing to secure enough votes from Assembly and State Senate Democrats. However, Maloney is still considering running for Attorney General, and may seek the Democratic nomination.

"It's clear to anyone watching that Maloney has zero interest in remaining a Congressman and is trying desperately to find a way out. With no record of accomplishment during his five years in Congress, Sean has failed to deliver time and again and the 18th Congressional District has suffered for it. At this point, we would be best served if Sean would just admit he no longer wants to be a Congressman and step aside, so that someone more dedicated to the job can take over."

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