Maloney pal Gillibrand joins Dems' growing call for abolishing ICE while he continues to duck issue

Goshen, NY (July 24th) – As Kirsten Gillibrand added her name to the growing chorus of liberal Democrats calling for the abolishment of ICE – and even going so far as to say it must be a top priority – voters have a right to know where Congressman Sean Maloney stands on this important issue that affects national security.

Maloney, who is illegally running for the offices of Attorney General and Congress at the same time, voted “present” on an ICE resolution last week and said “I’m not interested in talking about Congress’ feelings about ICE.” Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) was established after the devastating terror attacks of September 11th and serves a critical function in the Homeland Security Department.

“Sean Maloney is so desperate to ditch the people of the 18th congressional district to become Attorney General, he is refusing to do his job and take a stand on this important issue that affects our national security,” said career law enforcement official and candidate for Congress Jim O’Donnell. “While his liberal friends and colleagues are calling for the abolishment of ICE to be their top priority in Congress, it’s time for him to come clean and tell the voters if he agrees with this radical position.”

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