Maloney unleashes curse-laden tirade; calls Trump supporters "a**holes"

Goshen, NY (August 9th) -- In another clear sign he has completely abandoned the people of the Hudson Valley, Sean Maloney unleashed a curse-laden tirade against President Trump’s supporters, calling them “a**holes” and that he doesn’t “give a f**k what they say.”

President Trump won the 18th congressional district in the 2016 election. Maloney made the remarks in New York City, where he has been spending most of his time running for Attorney General, and they were reported in today’s City and State article.

“Hillary Clinton calling Trump supporters deplorables was bad enough, but Sean Maloney’s vicious, R-rated attack on thousands of his own constituents is outrageous, offensive and a real eye-opener to his true personality,” said career law enforcement professional and candidate for Congress Jimmy O’Donnell (R-C-Ref). “Dropping F-bombs and attacking good people who simply disagree with your views doesn’t make you tough, it makes you ignorant and an embarrassment. I’m a true, born-and-bred New Yorker who spent my career in law enforcement -- I don’t need to try and sound tough.”

O’Donnell concluded, “When I’m elected November 6th, I will represent everyone, regardless of their politics. The only name I’ll have for the people of the Hudson Valley is 'constituents.' Maloney owes the people of this district -- and across America -- an apology.”

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  • Russell Beres
    commented 2018-08-13 13:38:56 -0400
    How come we only see attacks by Mr. O’Donnell and never anything about that which he stands? Is Mr. O’Donnell just another right wing hack working for big business instead of America?
  • Donna Lee Anderson
    commented 2018-08-09 14:30:00 -0400
    Maloney is a scum bag..we in Philipstown paid for law enforcement security the day he married his partner…..NOT RIGHT We don’t forget…….he also never gave to his local Senior Center
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