Statement from Jimmy O’Donnell on Tonight’s Attorney General Primary Results

“We already knew that whatever tonight’s results brought in, Sean Maloney made clear that the people of the 18th Congressional District were his last priority. After spending millions of his congressional campaign funds on his Attorney General race, Maloney’s poor showing in the primary will mean he is forced into his backup plan of running for Congress, but the die is already cast on him abandoning his district. The people of the Hudson Valley deserve a representative who is 100% committed to representing their needs, not those of New York City liberals.”

GOP Orange County Legislators Announce Full Support for Colleague Jimmy O’Donnell

Goshen, NY (September 13th) -- The full slate of Republican Orange County Legislators, led by Chairman of the Board Stephen Brescia and Majority Leader Katie Bonelli, today announced their enthusiastic endorsement of their colleague, fellow County Legislator and career law enforcement official Jimmy O’Donnell for Congress.

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Former Congresswoman Sue W. Kelly: ‘Jimmy O’Donnell’s the One’

Goshen, NY (Sept. 10th) -- Former congresswoman Sue W. Kelly today strongly endorsed James O’Donnell for congress in her former congressional district, citing Mr. O’Donnell’s lifelong commitment to public safety, law enforcement, and community service.

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Maloney unleashes curse-laden tirade; calls Trump supporters "a**holes"

Goshen, NY (August 9th) -- In another clear sign he has completely abandoned the people of the Hudson Valley, Sean Maloney unleashed a curse-laden tirade against President Trump’s supporters, calling them “a**holes” and that he doesn’t “give a f**k what they say.”

President Trump won the 18th congressional district in the 2016 election. Maloney made the remarks in New York City, where he has been spending most of his time running for Attorney General, and they were reported in today’s City and State article.

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Even the media is calling you Maloney's "back-up plan"

Sean Maloney's true colors are showing more than ever. In a recent edition of City & State, Sean spent an entire interview showcasing his complete lack of interest in anything to do with the people of the Hudson Valley, to the point where even the writer was calling us, the good citizens of the 18th Congressional District, Maloney's “backup plan.”

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Lawsuit filed: Maloney in violation of election law for simultaneously seeking two offices

Goshen, NY (July 27) – A coalition of voters in the 18th Congressional District have filed a lawsuit against Sean Maloney for being in violation of the state’s election law by running for both the offices of New York State Attorney General and Congress at the same time.

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Maloney pal Gillibrand joins Dems' growing call for abolishing ICE while he continues to duck issue

Goshen, NY (July 24th) – As Kirsten Gillibrand added her name to the growing chorus of liberal Democrats calling for the abolishment of ICE – and even going so far as to say it must be a top priority – voters have a right to know where Congressman Sean Maloney stands on this important issue that affects national security.

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Maloney makes it official: he no longer wants to be Congressman

Thursday, July 12, 2018 (Goshen, NY) – Today James D. O'Donnell, the Republican, Conservative and Reform party candidate for New York's 18th Congressional District, released the following statement regarding Sean Maloney's decision to file petitions for Attorney General:

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Happy Independence Day from Jimmy!

View an Independence Day video greeting from Jimmy below. Have a happy Fourth of July!

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O'Donnell advances to "Contenders" status in NRCC Young Guns program

Monday, June 11, 2018 (Goshen, NY) – Today the NRCC announced that James D. O'Donnell, the Republican, Conservative and Reform party candidate for New York's 18th Congressional District, advanced to "Contenders" status in their Young Guns program.

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