Even the media is calling you Maloney's "back-up plan"

Sean Maloney's true colors are showing more than ever. In a recent edition of City & State, Sean spent an entire interview showcasing his complete lack of interest in anything to do with the people of the Hudson Valley, to the point where even the writer was calling us, the good citizens of the 18th Congressional District, Maloney's “backup plan.”

It is now up to us to demand that Maloney return the donations he solicited for his congressional race, especially now that we know he plans to divert them into his run for Attorney General. We must also demand he return a tainted $1,000 donation from his disgraced former boss and mentor, Eliot Spitzer.
Call Sean’s offices at 202-225-5441 (DC) and 845-561-1259 (NY) to let him know you're nobody's “backup plan.”

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