O'Donnell applauds new NAFTA deal, calls on Maloney to commit to support

Goshen, NY (October 1) -- Jimmy O’Donnell today applauded the historic new NAFTA deal negotiated by President Trump and called on Congressman Sean Maloney to commit to supporting the landmark deal that would bring jobs and revenue to the United States.

As Deputy Orange County Executive, O’Donnell oversaw economic development for the county and served as the Executive Director of the Foreign Trade Zone and the Executive Director of the Orange County Industrial Development Agency, where he created and retained thousands of jobs.

Congress went into recess Friday, making it unlikely a vote to ratify the agreement will occur before the midterms, but O’Donnell said voters have a right to know prior to the election how their Congressman would vote on this key issue.

“New York suffered greatly as a result of the bad NAFTA deal that killed more than 300,000 manufacturing jobs here,” said Jimmy O’ Donnell. “I applaud the President for keeping his campaign promise and negotiating a better deal that will bring revenue and jobs to New York. Will Sean Maloney stand with Hudson Valley workers and support this agreement or continue to play obstructionist politics? The people deserve to know how he will vote on this agreement.”

Mr. Maloney has repeatedly declared his chief objective is to oppose President Trump’s agenda. He served in the Clinton White House when NAFTA was signed.


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