O'Donnell: Pelosi admits the Pelosi-Maloney agenda will raise taxes on hardworking Hudson Valley families

Tuesday, May 8, 2018 (Goshen, NY)... Today, James D. O'Donnell, the Republican, Conservative and Reform party candidate for Congress, slammed Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney and former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, after Pelosi admitted the Democratic conference will vote to raise taxes if they get a majority in Congress.

"Today's remarks by Nancy Pelosi were not a Freudian slip of the tongue; rather, they were the foundation of the Pelosi-Maloney agenda for the Hudson Valley: raise taxes, kill jobs, and stop economic growth," said O'Donnell. "Sean Maloney has continually voted for and endorsed the Pelosi-Maloney agenda, and the residents of the Hudson Valley can be sure, if Sean is re-elected, he will support Nancy Pelosi for Speaker and be all-in with this agenda."

"We are already the highest taxed state in the nation. Hardworking New Yorkers cannot afford the Pelosi-Maloney tax hikes," declared O'Donnell. "As a member of Congress, I will always put the economic interests of the Hudson Valley before any other consideration, and work to ensure that the tax cuts are made permanent and that we remove the cap on SALT deductions. We deserve nothing less."

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