Tale of the Tape: 24 hours before the election, O'Donnell reminds voters of contrast between himself and opponents

Goshen, NY (November 5) -- Just one day before polls open, the O’Donnell campaign today issued a final contrast between himself and his opponent on the defining issues in this year’s election for the 18th Congressional District.

“The choice is clear: if you are fed up with career politicians who are only focused on their own ambitions and obstructing the President, voters have the chance this year to change that and send a true public servant to Washington to represent them,” said O’Donnell spokeswoman Jessica Proud. “The residents of the Hudson Valley want a commonsense leader who will keep the economy moving, fix our broken health care system and ensure law and order. That leader is Jimmy O’Donnell.”

(Click to download this chart in high-resolution PDF format.)

Contrast: O'Donnell vs. Maloney

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