Respected Hudson Valley Democrat calls Maloney actions unethical and disrespectful

Goshen, NY (September 27th) – Even Democrats think Sean Maloney’s cynical decision to run for two offices at once was wrong. Highly respected anti-corruption expert Zephyr Teachout is the latest Democrat to offer refreshingly honest criticism against Sean Maloney, saying “it was wrong to run for two offices at once,” and “if you want to run for AG, then run only for AG and talk to voters.”

The attack came in response to speculation that the purpose of Maloney’s unsuccessful AG run was to serve as a stalking horse for Governor Cuomo to split the Hudson Valley vote where Teachout is well-known and popular. Ms. Teachout has been a vocal critic of Cuomo on corruption, and both Cuomo and Maloney are currently intertwined in the federal investigation into Crystal Run pay-to-play allegations. Maloney and Cuomo were recipients of large donations from Crystal Run executives who received $25 million in state grants toward offices that were already being built. While Maloney gave away some of the donations from Crystal Run after being alerted of the investigation, he has refused to answer if he ever discussed Crystal Run with anyone inside the Cuomo Administration.

Maloney had been previously criticized by Dutchess County Democratic Chairwoman Elisa Sumner, who called his dual race “an insult to the people in his congressional district.”

“Sean Maloney was an absentee Congressman before he even decided to run for Attorney General and keep us as his backup plan,” said County Legislator Jimmy O’Donnell, the Republican, Conservative and Reform Party candidate for Congress. “But in this time of hyper-partisanship, it’s great to see other Democrats speaking up and calling him out. I can’t speak to Sean Maloney’s motivation to get in the AG race, but what I do know is he left our district without a voice while important issues were being debated in Washington. He failed us, and it’s time for new leadership that is 100% focused on the people of the 18th Congressional District.”


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