Sean Maloney ranks near the bottom of the Lugar Center's Annual Bipartisan Index

Tuesday, May 1, 2018 (Goshen, NY) — Today, James D. O'Donnell, the Republican, Conservative and Reform party candidate for New York's 18th Congressional District slammed Sean Maloney for not serving the Hudson Valley in a bipartisan manner and failing to deliver much needed federal aid, tax and regulatory reform.

"After five years in Congress, the results speak for themselves: Sean Maloney is a hyper-partisan career politician, who continually puts the interests of Nancy Pelosi and Washington Democrats ahead of the people of the 18th Congressional District," said O'Donnell. "On issue after issue, Sean Maloney has failed to deliver for our communities. Whether it's federal transportation aid, tax and regulatory reform, or our national security Sean has stuck to the progressive agenda, rather than seek bipartisan solutions to these critical issues."

The annual Lugar Center's Bipartisan Index ranked Sean Maloney 277th out of 438 members of the House of Representatives. Maloney ranked lower than members of the Democratic House Leadership including Steny Hoyer and Joe Crowley, as well as every Republican member of the New York delegation.

"As a retired Lt. Colonel in the State Police and former Chief of Police of the MTA Police, I never once asked someone what party they belonged to or what their politics were. I always looked to work together to solve the issue at hand," said O'Donnell. "As a member of Congress, I'll do the same because we need leaders in Washington who are serious about tackling our problems."


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