Uniformed Firefighters Association backs Jimmy O'Donnell for Congress

Goshen, NY (November 4th) -- The influential Uniformed Firefighters Association today announced their strong endorsement of Jimmy O’Donnell for Congress. The UFA is the non-profit advocacy organization representing New York City firefighters, many of whom reside inside the 18th congressional district.

“For years, James O’Donnell has stood by our side and been a critical ally to firefighters and our union, supporting men and women in uniform across Orange County,” said UFA President Gerald Fitzgerald. “Firefighters and first responders are already aware of his bravery and countless Americans owe their safety and well-being to his courage in the most daunting of circumstances on September 11th. As a legislator, he has never backed down from a challenge, proving time and again that doing what’s right -- rather than what’s politically popular -- drives his devotion to his constituents.”

“I’m honored to have so much support from men and women in uniform, including the brave members of the Uniformed Firefighters Association,” said Mr. O’Donnell. “As first responders, we share a unique devotion to service and helping others. That is the kind of leadership we need from our elected officials, and that is what I will bring to fix Washington and deliver results for the Hudson Valley.”


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